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Linking your domain

If you use CloudFlare, skip this page and go straight to the CloudFlare wiki page.

You need to point your domain to You must also link the www. subdomain, even if you don't want to use it.

Root domain (with CNAME)

Some DNS providers like CloudFlare, easyDNS ("ANAME"), DNSimple ("ALIAS"), DNS Made Easy ("ANAME") allow setting a CNAME record for a root domain. Technically it'll be an A record which they update periodically with a new IP address.

Type Name Target

Root domain (without CNAME)

If your DNS provider does not support CNAME flattening, you have to use an A record on the root domain. This means you will manually need to update the IP address if it ever changes in the future (rarely).

Type Name Target
A @ (


Type Name Target
CNAME forum

With SRV record for Minecraft

See the SRV record wiki page.